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এই ওয়েবসাইট’টিকে পরবর্তীকালে ফোন ফ্রেন্ডলি ডিজাইনে রূপান্তরিত করা হয়েছে, যে ডিজাইন’টি স্মার্টফোন, আইফোন, ট্যাবলেট, ল্যাপটপ, কম্পিউটার, স্মার্ট-টিভি, ইত্যাদির স্ক্রীনের চওরার মাপ অনুসারে নিজেকে সাজিয়ে নেয় । আপনি চাইলে এখানে ক্লিক করে পুরনো ডিজাইন’টিকে দেখতে পারেন; তবে, খেয়াল রাখবেন, যদি আপনি ল্যাপটপ, কম্পিউটার, ইত্যাদির বড় স্ক্রীনে দেখেন, তাহলে কোনো অসুবিধা হবেনা, কিন্তু ফোনের ছোট স্ক্রীন থেকে দেখলে কোনো কোনো অংশ খুব ছোট দেখাতে পারে, অথবা সাইট’টি আদৌ না খুলতে পারে । পুরোটাই নির্ভর করবে আপনি কি ধরণের ফোন ব্যবহার করছেন তার ওপরে অথবা তার সেটিংয়ের ওপরে ।
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Kabi Pranaam 2023
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30th Jan, 2023
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Welcome to the website of Smt. Asima Bhar (M.A., Calcutta University) - Recitor, Anchor, Drama Artiste (TV / AIR / FM), Script Writer and Director.
Her early life started with training on recitation under the able guidance of her parents. During her school days, she participated in a large number of cultural programmes on dance, music and recitation under the guidance of her teachers. Later on, while studying literature during the college and university days, she took leading roles in various debates, cultural functions and publication of magazines, in the capacity of group representative.
She has performed in programmes of the Doordarshan (TV) and Akashvani (Radio), and is also a regular performer in various cultural programmes.
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Gorky Sadan
The activities of Smt. Asima Bhar (M.A., Calcutta University), are varied in nature. The following are the highlights:
Sphere of work in cultural circle:
Recitation, Drama/ Audio-Drama (TV/ AIR/ FM/ Stage), Script Writing, Direction and Compering.
  1. Recipient of "Best Actress Award" in "Inter Bank Stage Drama Competition" in the year 1990.
  2. "Best Director" and "Best Actress" Award in "Inter Bank Audio-Drama Competition" in the year 1991.
  3. Approved General Artiste of All India Radio, Kolkata in Bengali Audio-Drama Section and participated in various sponsored Audio-Drama and special invited programmes (own script) in A.I.R.
  4. Attached with the "FM" Section of A.I.R. Kolkata since March 1996, and has successfully conducted about 50 programmes covering subjects like Olympic, Kathakata, Education, Pollution, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Goddess Kali, Kshudiram, etc.
  5. Solo recitation in Doordarshan, Kolkata in Bichitra and Pariparshik Sections, and on ATN & CCCN Channels.
    1. Devotional work on Lokenath Brahmachari (Script & Narration) from "Lokenath Mission" in 1990.
    2. Solo recitation of Tagore Poems and Bengali Modern Poems from "Sound Wing" Recording Co. in 1992.
    3. Duet work of Bengali Modern Poems and "Kabya Natak" (Amra Abahaman - by Purnendu Patri) with Shri Pradeep Ghosh from Pan Music Co. in 1994 and reprint of the same Prem Mrityu Bhalobasha in 1998.
    4. Participated in Audio Cassettes like "Biraj Bou" (E.B.I.), "Khokababur Pratyabartan" (H.M.V), etc.
    5. Solo acting of 6 female characters of films directed by Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha, Gautam Ghosh, Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Nabyendu Chatterjee and Utpalendu Chakraborty - "Chena Mukher Achena Alo" recorded by H.M.V. and marketed by Sristi Cassettes Co.
  7. STAGE:
    1. Performance (Recitation, Audio-Drama and Comparing) on stages like "Rabindra Sadan", "Kala Mandir", "Sukanta Sadan", "Mahajati Sadan", etc., and at numerous public functions in and outside Kolkata.
    2. Participated in Youth Festival, Biswa Banga Sanskriti, Haldia Utsav, Kolkata Festival, Kabi Pakhya of Dept. of Information & Culture.
    3. Solo acting at Sisir Mancha in 1996 and solo recitation in 1998 (duration 2 hours & 30 minutes).
    4. A special programme on Goddess Durga with dance by Amita Dutta and film & script by self at the Science City Main Auditorium on 5th April, 1999.
    5. Worked with personalities like Sukumar Mtra, Mithun Chakraborty, Usha Utthup, Anup Jalota, Ajitesh Banerjee, etc.
    6. Comparing of Pure Classical Programmes and Solo Programmes of Suchitra Mitra, Sukumar Mitra, Anup Jalota, Dipak Chowdhury, Srikant Bakra, etc.
    7. Solo acting at the Netaji Indoor Stadium on 9th January 2000 (among various cultural items). Story written by self based on the script of "Antardhan" by film director Tapan Sinha.
    8. A script programme on "Balance of Environment against War" largely based on Rabindra Sangeet.
  8. FILMS:
    1. A side role (Boudi of the groom in a wedding ceremony of a Zaminder Bari) played in the Art Film ‘Mansur Miyar Ghora’ directed by Nabyendu Chatterjee.
    2. Nari’ - a short docu feature film on women based on 4 selected visuals from some feature films (Self directed and acted).
    3. The role of a mother in ‘Tin Tanaya’, a story based on Tagore’s poem, directed by Shukla Mitra.
    4. A side role in Tagore’s novel ‘Gora’ directed by Shukla Mitra.
    5. A self directed and acted short film ‘Bandini’ developed on the story ‘Antareen’ by Mrinal Sen.
    6. A video film ‘Amra Abohoman’, a Kabyanatak by ’Purnendu Patri
    7. Telefilm ‘Siddhanta(Self written, directed and acted in)
Audio Cassettes
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Nari
Film: Bandini
Video: Amra Abahaman
Film: Siddhanta
From Mrinal Sen
From Tapan Sinha
From Dibyendu Palit
From Ritwik Academy
Biswa Banga Sammelan Invitation
Kolkata Film Festival, 2004
Sananda Review, 23rd April, 1999
Smt Asima Bhar with Shri Pradip Ghosh
Silpi Baran at the 25th Baishakh (Tagore's Birthday) celebration
25th Baishakh celebration at Rabindra Sadan, 2005
25th Baishakh celebration at Rabindra Sadan, 2005
Nazrul Janmotsab celebration with Sukumar Mitra
Comparing at “Bichitra Rupe Mahamaya”, a special programme on Goddess Durga with dance by Amita Dutta and film & script by self at the Science City Main Auditorium on 5th April, 1999
The team of “Bichitra Rupe Mahamaya”, a special programme on Goddess Durga with dance by Amita Dutta and film & script by self at the Science City Main Auditorium on 5th April, 1999
The opening ceremony on the launch of the cassette “Chena Mukher Achena Alo” at Music World, Kolkata, with Gautam Ghosh, the eminent film director
The original photograph of Smt Asima Bhar published on the cover of the cassette “Chena Mukher Achena Alo”
Solo recitation on stage, 1998
Solo acting, Sisir Mancha, 1996
Smt Asima Bhar engrossed in recitation
Smt Asima Bhar reciting a poem
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It may also be noted that the videos in such Youtube channels may or may not be under the control of Smt Asima Bhar, and so, this website holds no responsibility if a video is found to be deleted, moved elsewhere or hidden.
What they say / said...
(Some of the Bengali comments have been translated into English, and some purposely written in Banglish, so that those who cannot read Bangla font or their device does not support Bangla font, everyone can read them)
Suchitra Mitra:
Kalyaniya Asima's talents are versatile. Her recitation quality has surprised me. I pray for her continued success. Let her talents create flashes in the minds of the listeners. ... ... My hearty good wishes and blessings for Asima.
Sunil Gangopadhyay:
Smt. Asima Bhar is an accomplished actress and recitor. She is also equally dynamic in carrying out experiments with new styles. I have been present at a few of her performances, and have enjoyed them. My good wishes towards her work.
Pijushkanti Sarkar:
Asima recites fairly well. Actually, too much consciousness on diction and pronunciation can be disastrous for recitation. It is also true that too much of emotion brings in artificiality and spoils the show. I believe, the root cause for Asima's attainment of near unparallelness in this field is her balanced use of the brain and the heart.
Pabitra Sarkar:
I have been a listener to Asima's recitation a number of times. She impresses the audience with her natural style of balanced application of rhythm and emotion without the slightest bit of artificiality or enforcement towards attention. ... ... My good wishes towards her ever increasing prosperity.
Sukumar Mitra:
It is a fortune for us, that we are going to get Smt. Asima Bhar as an artiste at the solo recitation and drama festival to be held at Sisir Mancha on the 16th February (1998). It is a universally accepted fact, that music, recitation and drama all come under the perview of arts. It would not be an over statement to say that all the three media base largely on things like tune, rhythm, tempo, etc. It goes without saying that the success of some of my important performances have been largely assisted by this artiste's able script writing and narration. I remember, I was overwhelmed by one of her acting broadcast from the FM channel of the All India Radio. My hearty prayer, let her ensuing function attain success. My advance congratulations to affectionate Asima.
Pradip Ghosh:
Asima is known to me for a long time. I have been observing her work. So far as I remember, I came to know her for the first time in 1979 during the presentation of "Meghnad Badh" Kabya jointly presented by recitors and actors. She was then a dedicated important member of the Abritti Parishad. She has a tremendous inclination and unlimited enthusiasm towards carrying out various experiments with recitation. She is particularly more successful in rendition of romantic and authentic quality poems. Has received the honours of being adjudged best actress for her quality performances in the main roles of various drama. I have had the occasion of working with her during the launch of an audio cassette containing collection of works of leading poets on one side and an edited version of the great composition "Amra Abahaman Dhwangse O Nirmaane" by Purnendu Patree on the other. During this time, I was overwhelmed by her dedication towards compilation and application. Asima's work in this cassette has been highly praised by the press, in many dailies and periodicals. Asima is a well known and favourite name to those interested in the field of recitation. I am very happy and optimistic that the sphere of her work is getting bigger and bigger day by day in parity with the widening of her thoughts. Let this evening make her realize her dreams and efforts and get her success. My prayer, let her artistic life get enriched with ever increasing success. Hearty good wishes.
Kalpataru Sengupta:
I know recitor Smt. Asima Bhar since a long time. I have heard her recitations at various functions. She is one of the leading recitors in West Bengal. She is well known through her various performances and audio cassettes. I am thrilled to know that there is an event coming up on her solo recitation and solo acting. She had come to me for collection of data related to composition of Geeti Alekhya and Shruti Natak Paathh. Her dedication in the matter deserves appreciation. My best wishes for her further success.
Shukla Bandyopadhyay:
My beloved Asima is a very sweet person by nature. Although she is connected with Akashvani (All India Radio) as a drama artist since her college days, I came to witness her quality acting on stage for the first time in an inter-bank drama contest. She got the honour of being adjudged the best actress by a four-jury panel present there. Later she had approached me with great respect several times to get tips on better acting. Her receptivity and grasp have impressed me very much. Apart from that, I have had the occasion of being present at several performances of her. She is very much competent in matters of recitation, script writing and shruti natak. She has come a long way in these matters without any formal training since childhood. Apart from being a drama artiste attached with the General Drama Section of Akashvani, she has also played a number of roles in the Advertisement Section of the Vividh Bharati. Later on, she associated herself with the FM Channel too, as a presentator. My good wishes towards her further success.
Samprati Purbanchal Sanskriti Kendra o "Deep" er udyoge Sisir Manche abritti o ekak abhinayer anushthan korlen Asima Bhar. Prathamardhe abritti. Rabindranath er "Tomar Ragini Jiban Kunje" diye shuru. Idaning praye sarbatra'ee theatari dhonge, alor sahajye, background music niye abrittir anushthan hoe thake. Asimar anushthan o byatikram chhilo na. Abrittir majhe kakhono jantrer anusanga chhara khola galae du'ekti gaan. Asima Bharer bachon bhongi madhur. Swara kshepone tini kakhono neme jaan atal khaade, kakhono ba toonge. Kintu ei nama othha ta ek'ee scale'e. Phale, je sab kabitae natak aachhe, ta taar kanthe khale bhalo. Sambhabatah ei karonei Broto Chakrabortyr "Milidi", Birendra Chattopadhyayer "Apnader Swargoke" kimba Sabyasachi Deb'er "Behular Bhasan" mon chhuye jae.
"Deep" sanskritik sansthar ayojone samprati Sisir Manche anusthito holo "Bichitro Rupe Mahamaya" - sangeeta nritya, paath ebong chitrer samanwae ekti notun aangiker upasthapona, jaar mool parikalpanar krititwa Asima Bharer. Bharatiya puran o tantrer tathya abalambane sudhu bhashya rachanai noe, tini debi Durga'r nabo nabo beshe prakashitaa hobar bibhinno kahini ke akarshaniyo bhabe manche barnanar songe songe pardae shei sab kahinir drishya rup jatha jatho samaye pradarshito korechhen atyonto anushilon sadhya upae. Anya dike alekhyar bishay anusaare sangeet o nrityer prayog o jathartha hoechhe -- se khetre bibhinno shilpi der sangeet er record byabohrito holeo Amita Dutta o onnanno shilpi der manoram nritya paribeshana anusthan ti ke aro barnomoy kore tulechhe. Ei bishya prakiti te paribyapto amader chinmoyee pratimar bichitro roop raashi ke prakritir ek ekti chhobir songe tulona karar samaye pardae bheshe othha drishye kakhono "astamito surjyer raktim aabhaae debir sindur rekha" kokhono "nodir jalochchhyashe debir pado padde pushpanjali"r asadharan parikalpana. Ekti chitra parikalpana saho alekya rachana o upasthapana Asimar anusthan ti ke sadharan alekhya anusthan theke urdhye uthhe ekti alada maatra ene diyechhe. E janya "Purbanchal Sanskriti Kendra" abashyaee dhanyabadarhya.
EKA MANCHE ASIMA: Asima Bhar er ekak abritti o mancha natak anusthito holo gato 6th February Sisir Manche. Ayojak "Purbanchal Sanskriti Kendra" o "Deep". Anusthan er shuru te Pradip Ghosh, Sukumar Mitra, Kalpataru Sengupta, Pijush Kanti Sarkar pramukha bishishta atithi Asimar nishthha o anubhab er gabhiratar katha balen. Er por praye poune du ghanta dhore Asima nibedan korlen mot 38 ti kabita. Chaar ti parbe bibhakta ei abrittir anusthane alo o jantranusanga chharao Asimar swa kanthe gawa du ek koli gaaner sanjojan samagra anusthan ti ke ekti bhinno matra'e pouchhe dae. Pratham parbe Rabindranath er "Ishwar Prem" er saat ti kabita ebong dwitiyo parbe Purnendu Patree, Sankho Ghosh, Birendra Chattopadhyay pramukher "Prem O Mrityu" bishayak kabitae Asimar parishilito uchcharane gabhir upalabdhir byanjona murto hoe othhe. Er par du ekti chhara o prakriti bishayak abritti Sunil Gangopadhyay, Subhash Mukhopadhyay er rachana theke. Parabarti parjyae "abhiman" - soman dokhyotae abritti korechhen Rabindranath o Nazrul er kabita. Ebong sarba shesh parjyaye "Janani O Janma Bhumi" te Salil Chaudhury, Ranjit Gupta, Abhik Gangopadhyay, Birendra Chattopadhyay, Sabyasachi Deb er baaro ti kabita krome krome ek oti uchcha grame pouchhe jae. Abritti paat er pare Suchitra Mitra, Pabitra Sarkar er subhechchha patra paathh ebong Asimar pokkho thekeo ekti dhanyabad lipi paathh kora hoe. Birotir por Asima shuru koren taar ekak manchabhinay - "Eka Anamika". 45 minute er ei ekak natak eo Asimar abhinay dokkhotar rong badal dhora porechhe.
A long review published on "Chena Mukher Achena Alo", an audio cassette by Smt.Asima Bhar. The cassette is based on six female characters from films of six eminent film directors.
Pratyahik Sanbad:
Another review under heading "Chena Mukher Achena Aloy Asima" on the above mentioned cassette.
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